Curve Finance Vows to Reimburse Users After $62M Hack


• Curve Finance has announced its intention to reimburse users affected by the recent hacking incident resulting in $62 million of losses.
• Investigations are yielding progress, with 79% of funds successfully recovered and an equitable distribution of resources being assessed for each impacted user.
• The hack was identified as exploiting vulnerabilities within the release history of Curve Finance’s Vyper compiler, and a 10% bounty was extended to the individual responsible for the hack.

Curve Finance Suffers $62M Hack

On July 30th, decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Curve Finance suffered a major security breach resulting in losses of approximately $62 million.

Vulnerabilities Exploited

The attack was traced back to versions 0.2.15 to 0.3.0 of the platform’s Vyper compiler, which malicious actors were able to exploit due to their skill and resources.

Reimbursements Announced

In response to the hack, Curve Finance vowed to assess each impacted user for reimbursement in order to ensure an equitable distribution of resources.

Bounty Offered

A 10% bounty was offered to the individual responsible for the attack who subsequently returned 70% of stolen funds.

Ongoing Investigation

At present , investigations are ongoing whilst active measures are being taken to measure respective shares among affected users .