From DJ to Wolf of All Streets: Scott Melker’s Crypto Journey


Scott Melker: The Wolf of All Streets

  • Crypto analyst Scott Melker talks about his journey as a trader and how he found the crypto space while working as a DJ.
  • The nickname “Wolf of All Streets” came about as a joke, but it stuck.
  • Melker found success in trading crypto in 2017 and now focuses on protecting his wealth.

Early Trading Struggles

Crypto analyst Scott Melker has been trading stocks since he was a disc jockey. However, he wasn’t always successful and often lost money after investing in various asset classes. After taking some time off from investing, Melker found the cryptocurrency space around the end of 2016 and the start of 2017.

“Wolf of All Streets” Joke

The nickname “The Wolf of All Streets” came about after someone joked that Melker was some kind of fake ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. He decided to just go with it, and soon enough people started calling him ‘Wolf’.

Finding Crypto

The crypto space provided an opportunity for Melker to make money without having to be an excellent trader. Bitcoin was gaining popularity among DJs at this time, so he started to invest in it. His investments paid off and soon enough he became one of the most-followed crypto analysts in the industry.

Protecting His Wealth Now

After finding success in trading, Melker is focusing on protecting his wealth instead of aggressively trying to grow it through trading. As such, he is no longer looking to make aggressive investments with hopes of high returns.