Texas Votes to Grant Right to Use Crypto in Bill of Rights


• Texas lawmakers have voted to add a provision to the state’s Bill of Rights recognizing the right of individuals to possess and use digital currencies.
• The amendment was made on Wednesday, May 10, and granted 139 votes in favor with only two against.
• The goal is to invoke the ninth amendment to the U.S. Constitution which recognizes rights beyond those explicitly listed in the first eight amendments.

Texas Votes To Add Crypto To State’s Bill Of Rights

On Wednesday, May 10th, Texas state legislators voted to amend their Bill of Rights by adding a provision that recognizes the right of individuals to possess and utilize digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC). This passed with 139 votes in favor and only two against.

Objective Behind Amendment

The objective behind this amendment is to make a case in the federal judiciary that invokes the ninth amendment of the US Constitution which states that there are other natural rights besides those listed in the first eight amendments. If Texas recognizes these rights, then it is possible for them to be federally recognized as well under this amendment.

What Is The Texas Bill Of Rights?

The Texas Bill of Rights is similar to the US Bill of Rights but includes specific clauses pertaining exclusively to Texans such as their right for prompt trial or their right to possess and carry weapons for self-defense purposes. With this new amendment added, Texans now also have the privilege of utilizing digital currencies like Bitcoin for trading and contracting goods and services without any government interference or restrictions.

Tom Glass On HJR 146

Tom Glass who established the Texas Constitutional Enforcement group spoke about HJR 146 stating that there will still be one more House vote on it before it goes on for a vote from both Senate members as well as from people residing in Texas itself. He also mentioned how this bill needs to be passed so that it can leverage its inclusion into making an argument at federal level courts regarding recognition of these digital currency rights across all states within America itself.


In conclusion, due to this bill being passed by Texas legislature members, if exercised with caution could lead other US states towards legalizing usage and possession of digital assets like cryptocurrency amongst its citizens thus furthering financial freedom within America itself by allowing citizens access towards alternative methods of payments such as crypto assets instead relying solely on traditional fiat money matters like cash or debit cards etc